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Empty out the negative

God created you to be filled with love, peace, joy, hope, confidence, and success. He made you in His image, and calls you a masterpiece! However, you will have noticed how easy it is to hold on to the negative – anger, jealousy, guilt, doubt etc. Negativity takes space away from all the positive things God designed for you to enjoy, and comes from the enemy. You have a choice: you can let the negative build up and fill your life, or you can empty it out. If you do the latter, it will make room for God to bless you in ways you never thought possible!

Grace vs law

The strength of sin is the law, whilst the strength of holiness is grace. Believers now no longer live under the law, but under the dispensation of grace. They are sons and daughters of the new covenant of grace.


Rest, which is your total reliance on and trust in God, is the highest level of faith.

Grace makes available the blessings of God, while faith takes possession of those blessings.

When you rest in the finished works of Christ, you will see the supernatural manifestation of God’s grace and mercy in your life in the areas of healing, finances, deliverance and protection.

Hearing from God

God ‘speaks’ to believers in 3 ways: correction, direction and inspiration. Church (which can take place anywhere, at any time, and is a personal encounter with God) is a connection with God, a conversation with God, and a commitment to God. By communing and resonating with the living triune God 24/7, you will experience our Most High God in an ever-deepening way.

The call of God

Answering the call of God on your life refers to the moment when you accept Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. It is not first and foremost about service – i.e good works (although these will flow out of your love for God), or how many souls you have saved, but primarily about your devotion to God. We were created because of God’s yearning for fellowship with us.

It is all about your desire for ever-deepening intimacy with God, and you wanting to be uncompromisingly on fire for Him. Your love for God will result in you being Christ-like in every area of your life, and your light and passion for God will be clear for all to see. It is your authenticity that will draw unsaved people to God, and further encourage, uplift and inspire those who are already saved.

The spiritual heart of Man

The “heart” referred to in the Bible is not the organ that pumps blood around your body. Rather, it is a reference to the real you that cannot be seen – the center of your being, your true essence, which is your spirit.

Men and women are in a state of symbolic darkness before they are saved and Christ has entered into their spirits. Technically, unsaved people are spiritually asleep, and saved people are spiritually awake.

Jesus is our spiritual sun, and the absence of the spiritual light of Jesus equates to spiritual blindness. Satan has blinded the minds of unsaved people, which explains their inability to see and understand spiritually.

God has given us free will, and we have the choice to either choose to walk in Satan’s darkness, or Jesus’s light. God will not force the light down anyone’s throat.


Unlike the English word “peace”, the Hebrew (which Jesus spoke) word “shalom” does not just mean peace of mind, but also wholeness for your entire being – spirit, soul and body. It means having a sense of completeness and soundness. Shalom encompasses your provision, health and total well-being.