About Sovereign Ministries SA


DovesOnce a person has been saved / born again, we believe that a meaningful, progressive life in Christ stems from a total commitment to authenticity, and a firm resolve to not compromise God’s truths, ie His Word, no matter what the cost.

We serve a holy God, and absolute reverence is essential in terms of our day-to-day lifestyle and faith attitude as Christ ambassadors.

We recognise and value each person as unique and special, with different God-given talents, abilities and gifts, and as having a pre-ordained destiny which he / she can begin walking out once they have received the free gift of salvation.

It is a challenging, exciting, uplifting and fulfilling personal spiritual journey – we will never ‘arrive’, as we continue to learn from, and mature in Christ for all eternity! 

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10