Garment of praise

God has a “garment of praise” (“The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” Isaiah 61:3) for His true sons and daughters.

As a result, people will esteem you – they will look up to you, value you, appreciate you and acknowledge your uniqueness and greatness.
By greatness is meant your God potential, which is the extent to which you are walking out your pre-ordained destiny in Christ.

Just remember humbly that all the glory, honour and praise belongs to God, not to you or any other human being.
Also remember to primarily look to God for validation, affirmation, recognition and confirmation, not people, although He does at times work through people as it pleases Him in terms of His purposes.

When you bow lowest in adoration of God, you are at your very highest. The soul (comprised of your mind, emotions and free will) full of joy takes a still higher step when it clothes itself with praise. To be wrapped in praise to God is the highest state of the soul.


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