The core spiritual tenets of my faith are as follows:

  • Most importantly, God (the Holy Trinity / Godhead: Yahweh, Yashua and Ruach Ha-Kodesh) is no 1 in my life here on Earth, as He will be in eternity. I maintain a deep reverence for God, and keep my eyes focused on Him.

    He is 100% in control! It’s all about people (the lost, broken and hurting), but not to the extent that you ‘put anyone on a pedestal’, or place a heavy reliance on them in terms of having your deepest needs (ie provision in every sense of the word) met. If you do, and I’m not being cynical, negative, condescending, condemnatory or judgmental, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment, betrayal etc. I primarily look to God for confirmation, affirmation, validation and recognition, because unfortunately people are fickle (that’s putting it very diplomatically), whereas God alone is good, faithful and keeps all of His promises.

    God is love, and He loves us all unconditionally. The greatest challenge every true believer faces in his / her walk is to exhibit the same capacity to love his / her neighbours, and even enemies, unconditionally.

  •  We are all imperfect, but are nonetheless called to be righteous and holy, as He is, and to be the best we can be for God. This involves 24/7 commitment, and an acute awareness that we will be held accountable (at the Bema Judgment) for every thought, word and deed perpetrated whilst in the body. God is most concerned with our character development, and every test we undergo (Satan is allowed to test us with God’s permission) is designed to refine it, and in the process our faith walk matures.
  • I take myself, my walk and my spiritual responsibility and accountability very seriously. I don’t believe in spiritual tokenism, posturing / posing or false humility (which is as bad as arrogance), false civility (politeness), lip service, eye service, and at all times test the spirits accordingly. Furthermore, church leadership / eldership should always be tested, and challenged if need be in terms of their responsibility and accountability. Heavy shepherding is not acceptable.
  • I apply discernment in all I do, and furthermore do not ‘force’ the truth on anyone (it is all about free will), exercising caution when dealing with those who are willfully stubborn and rebellious; the Bible clearly warns us against “casting pearls before swine…”.
  • God is no 1, then I firstly encourage / uplift my family, secondly my brothers and sisters in Christ, and then thirdly obey the Great Commission, reaching out to the unsaved through intercessionary prayer, the dissemination of spiritual documents and face-to-face ministering / discipleship.
  • Christ is my role model, and I use the Bible as my yardstick in everything, refraining from taking scriptural references out of context or interpreting them to suit my own agenda / interpretation.
  • As a truth-seeker, I especially stand on key foundational truths, as they are just as vital as the more profound ones.
  • I am not double-minded, remain mindful of the fact that wisdom is the application of knowledge, and seek revelation knowledge over head knowledge.
  • I will not compromise my faith, ie ‘cop out’ / ‘sell out’, fully expecting to be highly unpopular in this fallen world for it. Rather than being luke-warm, my faith is intense, passionate and progressive, in that I pursue God from second to second, seeking to continually deepen my relationship with Him. I am on fire for God, and believe that being 100% authentic is what being a true believer / ambassador for Christ is all about.
  • I do not love the world (materialism, money / Mammon, power, status etc), knowing that I have been redeemed and set apart (sanctified), and that although I am in this world, I am not of this world.
  • God’s will and grace is perfect and sovereign. He promotes and demotes, and is very positional in terms of orchestrating His Divine Plan. Our role is to humbly position ourselves, ie completely surrender / submit our lives to His perfect plan, so that He can work mightily through us. I know all too well that I can do nothing in my own strength.
  • I do not exalt / glorify Satan in any way, beyond acknowledging that he is a powerful enemy. When I rebuke him, I always do so in the mighty name of Jesus. Bottom line, Satan is a defeated foe (we are standing on our victory, not defending it), and although he knows this, he continues to use fear spirits, hindering spirits and deceiving spirits to try and frustrate, undermine and discourage the saints. He furthermore uses people to further his wicked objectives, because he himself has no authority. Satan’s main aim is to take as many people as possible with him when he gets thrown into the Lake Of Fire for all eternity.

To God be all the glory, honour and praise always! Hallelujah!