Wonderful documents to give you discernment, and challenge, encourage, inspire and uplift you.

Daily covering prayer (say this powerful covering prayer out loud daily)
Jesus’ robe of righteousness prayer (say this prayer out loud daily to receive God’s full provision, protection and blessings)
Daily prayer re debt cancellation and superabundance (say this prayer out loud daily)
Daily prayer re sickness and disease (say this prayer out loud daily)
Daily prayer re knowledge of Christ (say this prayer out loud daily)
The Lord’s prayer
Serenity prayer
Holy Communion
Lay ministry

Why Christians face hardship
What God says about strong drink
The Tribulation and Great Tribulation
The Second Coming of Christ

The purpose of life

The open door
The Christ bell
The 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit

The 9 fruit of the Holy Spirit
The 7 major judgements of God
The 7 covenants of God
The 7 core needs of Mankind
Some of the names of God
Natural vs spiritual
Living at your full potential
Keys to walking out your destiny in Christ
Key Bible verses
Hebrew names for the Holy Trinity
Judging others
Destined for the Throne
Dealing with depression
World population

7 examples of testing
Always remember
8 reasons why God created Humankind
Glorified bodies
Bible Scripture locations pg 1
Bible Scripture locations pg 2
Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentine’s Day exposed
Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection
God’s sacred numbers and their meanings
The third Heaven – God’s throne
God has 4 types of angels
People of The Way
Engagement, Marriage and Honeymoon
Spiritual backsliding
Book of Revelation analysis
What happens after death
Man – a tripartite being
The new Jerusalem
Understanding eternity

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